Imagine your website code as a journey through time. Every change you make marks a new point on the timeline. Git is like a powerful time machine for your code, letting you:

  • Travel back in time: Revisit any previous version of your code instantly, no matter how far back. Need to see what worked differently two weeks ago? Easy!
  • Branch out and explore: Create different "timelines" (branches) to experiment with new features or fixes without affecting the main code. Didn't like the new design branch? Simply delete it and jump back to the main timeline.
  • Merge timelines smoothly: When different developers work on different branches, Git helps you combine their work seamlessly, ensuring everyone's changes coexist peacefully.
  • Track your steps: Every point on the timeline is clearly marked with timestamps and messages, so you always know who made what change and why.

In short - Git makes collaborating on code easier, and makes changing code safer.

Repositories (or repos) are like special folders that store all your code timelines in one place. You can keep them on your computer for personal projects or use online services like GitHub or GitLab to share them with others and collaborate on websites.

Benefits of using Git:

  • Never lose work: Accidentally deleted something? No problem, just rewind to a previous version.
  • Work together effectively: Multiple developers can contribute to the same project without stepping on each other's toes.
  • Experiment fearlessly: Try out new ideas in a separate branch without risking your main code.
  • Learn from history: See how your website has evolved over time and understand why certain decisions were made.
26th February 2024
6th March 2024

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